Digital Currency for Digital Goods

The fair ⊔ principle for Intangible Goods Trading:
" Authors cumulative Income of an Intangible Good is bounded while every time, all buyers pay the very same price down to zero "

The Foundation is a non-profit organization promoting the money used by the network net.

What is ?

is pronounced /kʌp/ and is Unicode character U+2294.
is a worldwide digital currency dedicated to intangible goods (e-book, music, picture, video).
requires a strong authentication secure layer over the Internet and provides many benefits for both artists/sellers and consumers/buyers.
supports state/country tax recovery and is speculation resistant.
seems to be a fair solution to face illegal downloading.
will push out intermediates companies business models (Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Apple iTunesStore, Amazon,...).
proposes a net, public Open-Source Peer-to-peer architecture for any intangible multimedia content trading.


⊔ Meeting in Toulouse March 27, 2013 at Toulibre (Beamer)

⊔ Meeting in Paris April 17, 2013 at Sciences Po (Beamer)

⊔ Meeting in Paris January 27, 2014 at Hadopi & CNNum (Beamer)

Focus Projects

Graphical on-line simulation of price/income


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⊔FOUNDATION is currently registered in Toulouse/France SIREN: 399 661 602 00025
Updated: 2014-04-15